Getuigschriften uit 2015



I entered the IDC in Moalboal, taught by Camille, with little to no expectations. From day one it was clear that this was a serious course, though there where always time for a dive story or a laugh.

We where a small group of three, giving us plenty of time to get feedback from Camille and get individual teaching if needed. The result was that we all passed the IE. I really enjoyed being scored on my performance during the IDC. This made me want to improve even further.

I found this experience really enjoyable, Camille was an excellent teacher and I learned a lot. If you're thinking about doing the IDC - Camille is the guy to contact.

Mattias Twedmark, Zweden, November 2015, Moalboal, Filipijnen




From the day one, the only goal is to pass the IE with a good grades. And if you are willing to work for that goal - so is Camille.
He have really good knowledge about what to teach and how to teach it. After that it's up to you how do you do.

On my IDC we had nice small group of three people. The teaching was as individual as it is possible to be. When Camille noticed that we are doing good he pushed forward on full speed. If we had hard times with something, he took the time and explained it so that everybody could understant.
He doesn't make days any longer than they need to be. But he is willing to work even afterhours if you need so.

He's not the guy that you go party with but he is definately the one that you want to do the IDC with.

And now in Finnish;

Alkaen päivästä yksi, on kurssilla vain yksi tarkoitus. Päästä läpi loppukokeesta hyvillä arvosanoilla.
Jos sinä olet valmis tekemään töitä sen eteen, niin on myös Camille. Hänellä on erinomainen tietotaito siitä mitä pitää opettaa ja miten.
On sinusta itsestäsi kiinni kuinka pärjäät. Minun IDC kurssilla oli mukavan pieni kolmen hengen ryhmä. Opetus oli niin yksilöllistä kuin se vain on mahdollista.

Jos Camille huomasi että hommat sujui, eteni hän niin nopeasti kuin vain mahdollista. Jos meillä oli vaikeuksia jonkin asian kanssa, niin hän opetti sen meille perusteellisesti.
Hän ei tehnyt päivistä yhtään sen pidempiä kuin on pakko, mutta mikäli tarve vaati, antaa hän tukiopetusta vaikka illalla.
Hän ei ole henkilö kenen kanssa lähdet bailaamaan illalla, mutta hän on todellakin henkilö kenen kanssa haluat tehdä IDC kurssisi!

Juha Heinonen, Finland, November 2015, Khao Lak, Thailand


I've been participating in the November IDC in Khao Lak, with CD Camille Lemmens.
I wanted to do it in Khao Lak, because I have been diving there and would like to work there as well. I found out Camille did an IDC at the start of the season, so a good reason to go!
We were a small group of 3 students, 1 German, 1 Finnish and myself (Dutch)
From the first day on we really had a good IDC, it was both very educational and fun. Camille really knows what he is doing (and has been doing it for quite some years now).

After 2 weeks of learning and practicing, I was very confident in going into the IE. (Camille as well)
After the final exams (which we all 3 passed of course!) it was time to do some specialties, and here also the professionalism of Camille was clearly obvious.

Now I already have done 2 liveaboards, and certified my first Open Water and Advanced students.
Thanks Camille, and we will keep in touch!

Dax Janssen, Nederland, November 2015, Khao Lak, Thailand




I took IDC from Camille in June, 2015. He's a really really good course director. His course was much better, more practical, and more informative than I'd ever expected. I had good friends as well in the classroom. That was fun. I wish I could do it again, but I could've not failed with this great CD.

Ryuta Yagi, Japan, Juni 2015, Koh Samui, Thailand


I recently successfully completed the June PADI IDC by Course Director Camille Lemmens, this has been the culmination of many months of work and preparation, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank Camille for his excellent course and the support and direction he has provided during our time together.
I actually took some time in researching the Course director whom I felt would be a good fit for my requirements, and I'm happy to say that I reached the right conclusion, As I had completed my Divemaster in 2006 and done very little diving in the 8 years since I was anxious in how rusty my skills and knowledge were in becoming a PADI Instructor, and having decided to talk things through with Camille before I knew it I was on the path towards Instructor.
Camille worked out a tailored IDC preparation schedule for me and quickly got me up to IDC level on my skills, a perfectly balanced approach as I scored 5s in all my skills on the final PADI IE.
The IDC with Camille In Samui in Thailand in June was a breeze, all very comfortable and I could not have asked for a better course, a small group of 5 who all quickly came together as a team to help each other through the course, and happily all passed very successfully, (Thanks Guys).
I along with one of the other IDC Candidates completed a number of Instructor Specialities with Camille after the successful completion of our Instructor Examination and he gave us huge amounts of useful advice and techniques for future courses and specialities, and would highly recommend doing the Sidemount Instructor and Deep Instructor specialities.
Having started 6 months ago feeling too old and too rusty somehow with Camilles help I'm now a PADI Scuba Instructor with tons of Specialities, Thanks again for your dedication and support and sharing your vast experience with us.

Simon Gurney, UK, Juni 2015, Koh Samui, Thailand


Ich habe im Juni 2015 den IDC Kurs bei Camille absolviert... Mit Erfolg! IE bestanden und somit meinen Traum erfüllt, Ich bin nun Tauchlehrer und kann da arbeiten, wo die meisten Menschen nur Urlaub machen.
Ohne die fabelhafte Vorbereitung hätte ich das allerdings nie geschafft. Mit Camille habe ich definitiv die richtige Wahl getroffen, er ist sehr kompetent und geht auf jeden einzelnen ein. Außerdem habe ich seine offene Art und seinen frischen Humor sehr genossen. Der Kurs ist und bleibt eine Herrausvorderung aber mit Camille an deiner Seite wirst du bestens vorbereitet. Vielen Dank Camille und hoffentlich sehen wir uns demnächst wieder!

Willem Gladisch, Duitsland, Juni 2015, Koh Samui, Thailand


Duikinstructeur worden was een kinderdroom van mij die werkelijkheid is geworden. De Jaren van reizen en naar verschillende locaties gaan om verschillende soorten duiken te doen heeft uiteindelijk allemaal tot dit geleid.

Om de juiste PADI Course Director te vinden ben ik alvast in Belgie op zoek gegaan naar course directors in het buitenland. Ik kwam terecht bij Camille Lemmens die op vele media kanalen aanwezig is en een hele snelle respons heeft op al jouw vragen.

Camille heeft me zelfs geholpen met het kiezen van de juiste duikcomputer alvorens ik zelfs beslist had om mijn course echt bij hem te doen. Hij is niet enkel professioneel maar hij heeft ook een hart en dit is een eigenschap die je mentor zeker moet hebben.

De eerste dagen van de course verliepen heel vlot. Theorie herhalen, oefeningen bekijken, de structuur van PADI. Het kwam allemaal aan bod. Maar na enkele dagen kreeg ik het toch moeilijk. De structuur van PADI kan soms heel strict en intens zijn. Camille merkte dit bij mij op en sprak me hierover aan. Hij nam ruimschoots de tijd om met mij hierover een gesprek te hebben. Hij luisterde naar wat ik te zeggen had en nam de tijd om mij uit te leggen waarom het PADI systeem op deze manier in elkaar steekt. Door deze aanpak heb ik mijzelf erop kunnen toeleggen om de course op een goede wijze te kunnen volbrengen. Ik wil Camille nog eens bedanken voor deze aanpak.

De specialties is een must! Bij deze mini- cursussen leer je veel meer over de extra's die PADI en de onderwaterwereld te bieden heeft. Let wel op zorg dat je zelf interesse hebt voor de onderwerpen waar je voor kiest. Het hangt immers van jezelf af hoeveel jij wilt oppikken en bijleren van de ''mentor''. Wij hebben prachtige duiken gedaan met bijna al onze duiken op sidemount. Dit was nog een extra van Camille om ons hiermee zo veel mogenlijk ervaring te geven.

Als je Nederlands,Engels of Duitstalig bent het is allemaal geen problem. Camille spreekt ze alle drie heel vlot. Twijfel dus niet langer and become PADI OPEN WATER SCUBA INSTRUCTOR with CAMILLE!

Lucas Alloing, België, Juni 2015, Koh Samui, Thailand




After hearing good things about Camille from his previous students i decided to do my IDC with him in the Philippines. From the get go it was clear i had made the right choice, he helped with organizing and understanding the aspects of the IDC. Once the classroom work started he was just as helpful. Having a small class was great and aloud lots of attention where and when i needed it. I highly recommend Camille to anyone thinking of attempting there IDC, he provides a great learning environment that is fun, relaxed and very knowledgeable.

Matt Jordan, Australië, Mei 2015, Moalboal, Filipijnen


Danke Camille, IE geschafft, ab sofort Instruktor. Ohne Deine gute Vorbereitung und ohne Deine Genauigkeit hätte das sicher nicht geklappt. Ich bin mit der Vorstellung nach Moalboal gekommen, dass IDC / IE ähnlich einfach werden würden wie der DiveMaster Kurs und wurde dann von Dir eines besseren belehrt. Am Ende war es viel Arbeit, vor allem auch, um das Padi System richtig zu verstehen und umzusetzen. Denn es geht um mehr als „nur" tauchen. Danke also auch für Deine Geduld, Deine Beharrlichkeit und Deine guten Tipps. Ich hab es Dir bestimmt nicht einfach gemacht :-)

however (um mal bei dieser immer wiederkehrenden Vokabel zu bleiben): Ich fand, dass die specialties am Ende doch etwas lieblos abgehandelt wurden. Vor allem im Vergleich zu dem grossen Aufwand, den Du zuvor betrieben hast. Ist aber wahrscheinlich der Tatsache geschuldet, dass wir am Ende alle ganz schön fertig waren.

Insoweit: Weiter so. Und hoffentlich wieder einfachere Idc-Kandidaten

Karsten Knorr, Duitsland, Mei 2015, Moalboal, Filipijnen




Hey everyone,

I am a Padi dive instructor!

Unbelievable but true - I am looking at my Padi instructor award and I just certified my first two Open Water students. It makes me feel incredibly happy even though it took me five (!) days to finish my first course as an instructor. Especially one student who was seriously scared at the beginning said that I have given him so much more than this certification since he almost drowned as a kid. It was an emotional course with an overwhelming happy ending.

Thanks to Camille Lemmens I have something that is much more than just a certification for me as well. I can't wait to certify more people and to extend my carrier in the diving industry. Camille is not only preparing you to pass the IDC and IE, he tells you how to actually live and work as a part of the diving industry. He told us so many things about how to keep our students as well as ourselves safe in every concern. So many of my written notes from the IDC became of high value during the first courses I gave.

As a person I got to know Camille as a duly responsible and still easy going, funny and flexible guy. Before and after the IDC and IE the email responses of Camille were super fast and patient at all times. The IDC as such is a hard piece of work but all of that is possible to manage with Camille's support. He even managed to provide course materials in different languages for those understanding english not so well. Ann, our staff instructor did a fabulous job. She gave us support and helped us wherever she could. She is super enthusiastic and motivating. I hope to see her again next season to work together maybe. Once I passed the IE straight away i got job offers at our region in Khao Lak in Thailand where I was working as a Divemaster for two seasons already. I feel the difference of employability as an OWSI so it´s definitely worth it to become a Padi instructor.

In total Camille exceeded my expectations and I can strongly recommend him as a person and as a Course Director.

Thank you Camille for a great course with a successful outcome.

Andi O, Duitsland, April 2015, Khao Lak, Thailand


Doing my IDC with Camille of IDC Thailand in Khao Lak from March 29th to 07th of April, 2015 was an interesting experience, to say the least.

One could sense that Camille is exceptionally experienced in his domain. His teaching style combines the care of a father with the toughness, and sometimes impatience of a drill sergeant. Our course was cut by a day, adding pressure to the already compressed time schedule. Generally I felt that the course ought to have another day or two, to allow the students to reflect and at times even relax a bit. Camille's standards are high and his marking strict, yet fair.

Camille's job was to teach us and to ensure that each of us can live up to our potential and his expectations; and to produce properly qualified and not just average PADI instructors. I sincerely believe he succeeded in achieving this and after having spent 10 days with Camille we found ourselves fairly relaxed during the IE.

In conclusion I found the IDC with Camille to be an exciting, extremely valuable and refreshing experience. I did learn a lot and I met a bunch of great people too. And I am glad I did my IDC with Camille; a true coach.

Andreas Guttensohn, Singapore, April 2015, Khao Lak, Thailand


I did my IDC with Camille in April 2015 in the wonderful town of Khao Lak in Thailand. If I had known before what an IDC would be like, I think I might never have done it!
We all arrived prepared really well since he sent us an email well before the start and included all the prerequisites.
An IDC is not for the faint of heart. It's hard work, but in the end it's all worth it. I was tired, but all happy when I had my certificate in my hands.
Camille makes you practise, practise, practise in the pool until your hair turns green (literally... happened to me!). He will do anything to make sure you pass your Instructor Exam and for this I can really recommend him. Even after hours he will be there for you if you have questions. You can tell he is very experienced since he knows EVERYTHING when it comes to standards and he gave us loads of advice for the future and real life situations.
Afterwards, he gave us all the pictures he took during the course and I still love looking back at them. It really was a funny time as well. I also loved how everyone was supporting each other.
So now I have already certified 7 students and I'm proud of all of them. Not sure if it was me or them, but so far I have had fantastic students and I love the fact that during the course you grow together and become friends with your students. I'm so glad I did the course with Camille and still today, months after the IDC, he is answering all of my questions that I have (especially standards!). I couldn't have asked for a better course director. And yes, by the end of the course you will have gotten used to his humor!

Kerstin Luehe, Duitsland, April 2015, Khao Lak, Thailand


Geschreven in 2017;

Nearly Two years ago is when I started my IDC with you in Khao Lak, an experience that I will never forget. And now, after acing my IE in a slate quarry, Dry Suit equipped, in near freezing conditions, you were still there for me, to mentor me and give me the confidence I needed to succeed after not completing my IE in 2015. Now you might wonder why I chose to write this testimonial to you now. the truth behind this is, I wanted to write something that would have time behind it, experience in the field as an instructor, so that I might be able to look back with clarity and truly appreciate all you had done for me. To this day your voice rings clearly in my head whenever a student has a question, a concern, or tells me wide-eyed about a new fish they have seen or about their fears of the open ocean being conquered. Every time I teach I think of how you taught me, with patience, guidence and good humor in full swing. You've been my inspiration as an instructor, and no matter where I go I will always take that inspiration with me, so that I might inspire others to follow the same path, and to pursue their passion for diving to the fullest, as you have helped me to do so. Thank you so much, you truly are an inspiration. See you down there matey. Cheers

Jack Alexander, UK, April 2015, Khao Lak, Thailand




A la recherche d'un centre pour faire mon IDC, j'ai été conseillé par un ami qui m'a recommandé le centre PADI 5* Neptune Diving Adventure de Panagsama Beach, Moalboal. Le centre est idéalement situé, près de la
mer, il n'y a qu'une rue (sans voitures) à traverser pour se mettre à l'eau. Les cours se sont donnés dans la salle de formation du centre, salle équipée de tout le nécessaire pédagogique et d'air conditionné, ce qui ne gâche rien à certaines heures de la journée. Bien que les cours soient donnés en anglais, ce qui est indispensable si on envisage de donner un jour cours dans la région, Camille maîtrise le français et n'a eu aucun problème à revenir en français sur des points que j'avais mal compris ou à me donner des explications supplémentaires en français.
L'IDC s'est étalé sur 9 jours et les cours sont donnés par Camille assisté de Johan. Ils avaient été précédé quelques jours auparavant par le cours d'EFRI, donné par Johan. Un bon point pour l'organisation et la planification des cours, qui étaient suffisamment étalés que pour permettre d'avoir un peu de temps entre les cours et avant le jour de l'examen pour préparer mes spécialités (MSDT) et travailler un peu plus mes points faibles pour le jour de l'IE. Cerise sur le gâteau, cette édition de l'IE s'est faite à Moalboal, en terrain connu et nous n'avons pas eu à nous déplacer pour nous rendre sur les lieux de l'examen, ce qui aurait pu nous faire perdre un jour ou deux.

Merci à Camille et Johan pour leur patience, leur pédagogie et leur disponibilité qui m'ont bien préparé et permis de passer avec succès l'IE. Merci au staff de Neptune Diving pour sa gentillesse et sa disponibilité. Merci à Steve mon condisciple lors de cette formation qui a également passé son IE
avec succès.

Christophe Koziel, België, Maart 2015, Moalboal, Filipijnen

I took an IDC with Camille Lemmens at Neptune Diving Adventure, after which I said I would write a recommendation. So, while this holds a small apology to Camille for taking so long, it also comes with much more meaning.
Since the IDC I have now taught many OW courses, even more AOW course, and a few rescue and DM courses. The information and knowledge passed on by Camille and Johan not only made Passing the IE achievable, but also has played a big part in the way I have handled my own students.
The best way to show my level of respect for the skills and professionalism that I experienced during my IDC is to send my Dive Masters to Camille. That is what I am doing at the end of Nov.
Hopefully, I will continue to send Camille Instructor candidates. With Camille I can be sure they will get the best instruction and many tips which will help them throughout their career. Just as I was aided.
Thanks Camille for the great time and thanks even more for the tough parts of the course, it has made teaching easier.

Steve Burnings, USA, Maart 2015, Moalboal, Filipijnen



I had decided to do the PADI IDC in Phuket Thailand some time ago. My bags were packed and I was going to leave my home in Maine for the airport in about 18 hours when my father-in-law passed away. I emailed Camille about my situation and got a prompt response firstly expressing sympathy and then trying to be as creative as possible with developing a solution that would allow me to attend the funeral 3 days hence and still allow me to complete the IDC. We worked it out that by doing the eLearning portion back in the States and compressing the in-country IDC days to 9, we had a fighting chance of covering all the material adequately. In the end, I arrived just hours before the last possible moment to start the class. Camille adapted and compressed things such that not only I, but the other two instructor candidates in the class were successful in both the IDC and the IE.

My friend with whom I was taking the class were NAUI Divemasters coming into the class, so we had to confront not only the compressed schedule but the additional task of converting to PADI methodology and standards. This took extra time and patience on Camille's part, and I doubt that another IDC course director would have gone that extra mile for us.

In terms of the actual preparation we received for the IE through Camille's instruction, it was superb. I feel that Camille was fairly tough on us with his grading during the IDC, but that made it more relaxed for us during the actual IE, where with the additional stress of the high-pressure context, it is easy to perform below your top level. I think we never would have passed the IE without Camille's holding us to high standards during the IDC.

Finally, you are under considerable pressure while undergoing the IDC, and the first thing on your mind is not to be recording this memorable experience in photos - you are focusing on passing the IE. However, it *is* a memorable experience - every step of it, and we were delighted that Camille kept good track of our in-water and out-of-water activities. I am so happy that I now have these photos of our experience as souvenirs, thanks to Camille's thoughtfulness.

Paul Göransson, USA, Februari, 2015, Phuket, Thailand

I recently completed an IDC with Camille.
What was unusual is that I was a cross-over student, and had limited to no experience with PADI. In addition, I have never worked professionally as a Dive Master. I wanted to attain the PADI
Dive Instructor certification for "fun".

Camille saw to it that I was very well prepared for the IE. I scored an average of about 90% on all of my written exams, a 4.8/5.0 on my presentation, near perfect scores on my skills circuit, 9+/10 on my confined water presentations, and 8.6/10.0 on my open water presentations. I did a great rescue thanks to Camille's having me practice each day.

Due a death in my friend's family, our IDC was slightly more compressed than usual. Plus, I completed numerous specialty courses. Without Camille's experience and knowledge, my success
likely would not have been possible. I can highly recommend Camille, as an IDC instructor. If the opportunity arises, I would take additional specialty courses with Camille.

Dr. Raymond "Wall" Greenlaw, PADI OWSI, USA, Februari, 2015, Phuket, Thailand




After 12 days,I completed my PADI IDC at Blue Planet Divers and the Course Director was Camille Lemmens. Really intensive work during the IDC and professional preparation for the IE which I passed easy. I like to enjoy every moment of my life, so if you want to combine professional work with a lot of fun then Camille Lemmens is the best. Thank you very much Camille for the great time we had during the IDC. Keep going your great job."

Celine Chautant, Zwitserland, Januari 2015, Koh Lanta, Thailand

It was a really good time that I spend for the IDC with Camille Lemmens ! If you want a good course director, He will help you to pass it easy, he knows his job, he's the man ! ; )
10 days of fun and good work ! Thx Camille !!

Pierre Montiel, Frankrijk, Januari 2015, Koh Lanta, Thailand



Getuigschriften uit 2014

Getuigschriften PADI IE December 2014 in Dauin, Filipijnen


Camille arbeitet mit der richtigen Mischung aus Seriöstiät und Humor. Man fühlt sich bei Ihm immer wohl aufgehoben, da sein Vorgehen strukturiert und mit tiefgründigem Wissen verknüpft ist.

Die Arbeit mit Ihm hat mir sehr viel Spaß bereitet, auch wenn ich hin und wieder ein paar Anlaufschwierigkeiten hatte, Camille stand mir bis zum Ende tatkräftig zur Seite.
Was ich als größten Vorteil empfand ist, dass er uns immer angespornt hat in ständiger Verbesserung zu arbeiten, indem er auf Details hinwies. Dadurch konnte ich ohne Furcht (dennoch mit ein wenig Aufregung) am IE teilnehmen und es getrost bewältigen.
Noch mal ein herzliches Dankeschön an Camille und Johan, seinen Assistenten, die uns Mental und persönlich auf unserem Weg zum Tauchlehrer begleitet und unterstützt haben.

Marc Schimmel, Duitsland, December 2014, Moalboal, Filipijnen

After 12 days of preparation during the IDC, I manage to get through the IE and my MSDT after. This success wouldn't be possible if not because of Camille and his staff Johan in Neptune Diving Adventure. During those days of IDC I was well prepared especially with the areas that I was weak. He gave me pointers that really points and was very specific and detailed on all the areas that I need to cover which made it easy in the IE. Upon my MSDT I got plenty of ideas on how to make courses more exciting which I know is a very good tool in this industry. My biggest thanks to Camille and his staff Johan also for the people in Neptune Diving Adventure who had been very helpful to me in so many ways. And also to my Co-IDC/IE candidates who did it well during the IDC/IE. I wish you all good health more blessings and more IDC to come. Cheers,

Irish Mae L. Temblor, Filipijnen, December 2014, Moalboal, Filipijnen


Getuigschriften PADI IE in Khao Lak, Thailand in November 2014


I have recently completed my IE after 12 days of preparation on the IDC with Camille Lemmens at Sea Dragon dive centre in Khao Lak, Thailand. I managed to pass with high grades during the examination process and this is completely down to Camille and his staff instructors preparation. Well done to the other guys on the IDC/IE, I have made some new friends who I look forward to 'working' with soon.
Camille is a great guy with a ton of experience and I would recommend him to anyone looking to become a PADI Instructor as they would be hard pushed to find better.
I look forward to the journey on my chosen path and know that I have Camille and PADI in support, if I need them.
Kind regards to you and your family Camille.
I look forward to our paths crossing soon.

John Roberts, United Kingdom, November 2014, Khao Lak, Thailand

Camille is an incredible Course Director and I'm so delighted to have done the IDC with him. He ran the course really professionally, and made sure that we all had plenty of time to practice and really get to grips with the exercises - which were not always easy.
I was really nervous starting the IDC as there was an awful lot of information to take onboard in a relatively short amount of time. Camille did a fantastic job of increasing my confidence and ensured that I felt fully prepared by the time we took the IE. Thank you Camille, I couldn't have done it without you - you're a true pillar of the diving community!

Lucinda Roberts, United Kingdom, November 2014, Khao Lak, Thailand

I have completed the instructor development course with Camille last November in Khao Lak, Thailand.
The course was extremely well directed by Camille and we had loads of fun during the two weeks leading to the final instructor examination.
Camille did not only teach us how to conduct PADI courses in a fun and professional way, but has also put a lot of focus on safety and has proven excellent knowledge in emergency response due to his experience working with the decompression chamber in Kho Samui. Passing on many wise lessons for live he has emphasized on how important it is to always cover our assets...
With 2 staff instructors, the course put a high focus on supporting each candidate individually so that everyone could follow his individual pace.
Thanks a lot Camille for this excellent experience and entry into the professional world of teaching diving! All the best!

Roman Gubler, Zwitserland, November 2014, Khao Lak, Thailand


Getuigschriften PADI IDC op Gili Air in Indonesië, Augustus 2014


I recently did my IDC and a half dozen specialty instructor ratings with Camille Lemmens at Oceans 5 in Gili Air, Lombok, Indonesia, and it had to have been one of the best courses I've taken in a long time! I'd recently quit my job as an engineer and had decided to teach diving for a while, and found Camille through his excellent website - I found him to be professional and timely in all our correspondence and the level was maintained throughout our course! He was attentive to the needs of the entire class while keeping the pace moving, and did an excellent job preparing the five of us for our instructor exam and our first certifications! I'd highly recommend Camille for anybody looking for a top-notch Course Director as he has the whole package of experience, knowledge, and attitude, and passes it on wholeheartedly to his students. All the best and GO SCUBA!

Tom Taylor, USA, Augustus 2014, Gili Air, Indonesië

As a one-day-old brand new Divemaster I started the IDC with the least experience of our group and so in the beginning my biggest worry was that I would simply not be good enough to eventually pass the IE. After the first introductory presentation Camille had already managed to take this worry away - this man knew what he was doing and I trusted him to teach us well. This feeling could not have been more true; after ten intensive days of work in progress Camille did not only make sure that we were all prepared to pass, he had given us the confidence to pass with flying colors and to even have some fun while doing that.

I think Camille is a great course director, because apart from being a very kind and funny guy, he has all the right qualities a good teacher should have. He is very strong content wise - you can tell he has tons of experience and he is very knowledgeable - and in the delivery of this content. Even with our relatively big class with all very different study- and language backgrounds, Camille was able to keep things interesting, engaging and fun. His determination to make sure everybody comprehended everything, no matter how much extra time he had to spend with students outside class hours, showed genuine dedication and was very encouraging for me. For these, and many more reasons I would highly recommend Camille as an IDC course director.

IE stands for 'It's Easy' Camille joked during the first presentation of the IDC. And indeed it IS easy - if only you've been prepared by a course director like Camille Lemmens.

Camille, thank you!

Floske Hartman, Nederland, Augustus 2014, Gili Air, Indonesië

Hi Camille,

First of all, thank you very much for being my Course Director; for sharing your expertise, experience, guidance and for making our IDC really enjoyable all round. I thought you were a very approachable person; you were very willing to guide all of us and it was really amazing how many laughs we all shared during the course.

I think you had a challenging IDC - one of us did not speak English as a native language, and another was dyslexic. More than anything, I really admired how patient you were in guiding them, how encouraging you were and accommodating to their challenges and limitations. For me that was a big deal because I found myself sometimes becoming impatient whenever, during my DMT, I tried to teach student divers who were struggling or just needed extra time or attention. So for me that was one of the most important lessons I take away from your teaching.

Once again, thank you very much for all that you have done for us and I hope our paths cross again somewhere in the diving world!

Fareez Ahmad, Singapore, Augustus 2014, Gili Air, Indonesië

Although I have no comparison, it doesn't take much to know that it doesn't get better than the IDC course I did with Camille at the end of August.

After an exhausting 10wk DM course I went into the IDC very ill. This illness carried on until about day 4 of the course BUT Camille's light-hearted, fun yet precise approach really got me through each day and he was always checking in with me that I was ok.

I am dyslexic so my attention and interpretation of information can get slightly off track, especially during presentations and theory exam perpetration but again Camille was conscious of this during his lessons to the point that he would give time out of class hours to help me understand.

The knowledge he shared with us during the course was priceless. My understanding is that ALL IDC's are tough and require a lot of energy from everyone but it really is about who is there to help you get through it and make sure it is fun and I'm really grateful that I had Camille to do exactly that.

The diving was the best part of the day (that's the reason we were all there..) as we were out of the class room and in a beautiful environment. The skills circuit, confined water and open water sessions were covered in detail and the advice and tips Camille gave us was gold dust.

If you are looking for a Course Director to be great role model who's professional, approachable and down to Earth then look no further - THANK YOU Camille

Sean Houlihan, UK, August 2014, Gili Air, Indonesië


Getuigschriften PADI IE, Sacheon-myeon, Zuid Korea, Augustus 2014


I participated in the 2nd ever English PADI IDC in South Korea with Platinum course director Camille Lemmens, and we could not have asked for a better person to lead, educate and mentor us toward our goal of becoming PADI scuba instructors. His teachings and lectures shined a new and fresh light on the way we think and do scuba diving. It was a fantastic experience and an honor to be mentored by one of the best. Thank you very much for everything and as you say.............Stay wet

Carel Aucamp, Zuid Afrika, Augustus 2014, Sacheon-myeon, Zuid Korea

My parents have a scuba diving business so naturally I was slowly becoming a professional level PADI diver. When I was first notified that I was doing IDC this summer in Korea, I felt like I was behind and rushed. However, Camille Lemmens was a great IDC course director who made sure that I was able to pass. He was a great mentor, coach and a leader for me to learn and acquire all the skills necessary to pass the IE. Thank you for being patient with me (especially in the mornings). Sincerely,

Lisa Rivera, USA/South Korea, Augustus 2014, Sacheon-myeon, Zuid Korea

I am a professional instructor by trade and I have been involved in training personnel for well over 16 years now, so I understand what it takes to be excellent within this profession; it takes someone like Camille Lemmens. I took the time to research Course Directors and listen to past students before I decided on Camille and the decision paid off greatly. Camille has a superb understanding of people and constantly tailors his instruction to each individual. His implementation of multiple techniques ensures that each instructor candidate will have the best possibility of not just passing the Instructor Examination but excelling at it and walking away with a solid understanding of what it means to be a PADI instructor. Camille has a level of patience and kindness that puts students at ease, which in the case of an IDC is critical; his attitude and charisma make students push themselves harder and expect more of themselves.

I was expecting another semi-challenging course that was "easy"; what I got was so much more and well worth the money spent. Camille tailored our IDC to our group level (we were all AI's at the start of the IDC). Because of this we were able to have specific discussions on cases that we have either run across our selves or simply needed clarification on. Having a custom course was also extremely beneficial because Camille was responsible to not only teach one of the many IDC's that he does but now he had to teach the new PADI Open Water course. Because of his dedication to providing the most correct information he would constantly be verifying standards and cross-checking information between old and new courses. As instructor candidates we saw this as true dedication, he was setting the standard for what we should be as instructors. In everything that Camille did he set the standard, if we did not perform perfect we did not get high marks. By not just handing out high marks this made each of us strive for better performance, and in the end it paid off. During my IDC all instructor candidates not only successfully passed but they did exceedingly well.

Camille Lemmens is a great instructor, a great Course Director and he lives the PADI standard. I can't say enough how great an experience it was to work with him as he is the epitome of a great instructor. If you simply want to pass the IE choose any Course Director, if you want to truly learn what it means to be an instructor, excel on your IE and have a mentor throughout your career the choice is simple...choose Camille.

Larry G. Bainbridge, OWSI, #313137, USA, Augustus 2014, Sacheon-myeon, Zuid Korea

Unlike my peers who took the PADI IDC course with me, I was the wildcard. They were all very fresh on the material since they took most PADI courses back to back within the past couple of years. I took most of my PADI courses in 1998 then had a very long break.
I took the AI course in S. Korea 2013, 15 years later feeling very outdated and lost, had another short break and rolled right in to the IDC with Camille Lemmens. I must say with his experience, techniques and the extra time & care he gave to ensure all of his students would pass the IE really put me at ease.
Regardless of the time whenever I needed Camille for a question or some extra study he was available to help and never said no. He truly helped me wipe away old dust from my outdated 1998 PADI education and quickly got me up to date to the 2014 PADI standards. When I started the IDC I was not able to pass the written exams, after Camille put in extra time with me and passing over tips of the trade I was a 1st time go on all exams during the PADI IE!!!
Wow that was a relief that money is not able to buy.
I am very grateful to have had Camille as my IDC and Specialty instructor.
Thanks to Camille the IE was no sweat. One big ALOHA to Camille!

Mike Podesta, Hawaii, USA, Augustus 2014, Sacheon-myeon, Zuid Korea

Getuigschriften, PADI IDC op Koh Samui, Thailand, Juni 2014


I chose to do my IDC with Camille because a good friend of mine had great things to say about him and the IDC course he ran. Glad to say my friend knew what he was talking about. Camille helped me get ready for the I.E in a cool and well planned out schedule that kept us on our toes and pushed us to get things done. The result was by the time the I.E came around, I was prepared and his guidance made it easier than I thought it would be. He had answers for every question we threw at him and his experience of how to deal with different skills and make them easy to deal with for a future instructor like myself was invaluable. Overall I found the experience, fun, knowledgeable and intense but in a good way. Thanks Camille for helping me get through the I.E without any problems and make the whole experience easy.

John Holland, Ireland, June 2014, Koh Samui, Thailand


My husband, John, and I had no idea what the IDC was going to be like. We found Camille online via his many blogs and FB work. His email response time was instantaneous and his recommendations prior to the IDC were spot on where we should live, eat, etc. Once we arrived and got to know our small, intimate group, John and I realised we were being taught how to be PADI instructors by a master. Camille was thorough, tough and relentless in getting us both geared up for success at the Instructors Examination. Thanks Camille!!!! You are a pro.

Mary Dee Mulligan, Hong Kong/USA, June 2014, Koh Samui, Thailand


Getuigschriften PADI IE Juni 2014, Dauin, Filipijnen


Am 23. Mai 2014 startete ich in Moalboal bei Neptune Diving Adventure mit dem IDC. Nach längerem Emailverkehr im Voraus fand der IDC mit nur einem Kandidaten, das war ich, statt. Hier schon ein grosses Dankeschön an die Flexibiltät von Camille, aber auch an Johan von Neptune Diving Adventure. Wie gesagt, ich war der einzigste Student, das bedeutet: ich war dauernd dran, es gab nicht andere Studenten, die zwischendurch ihre Präsentation machten, nein ich war dauernd dran! Genau davon profitierte ich sehr. Mit Camill's mega Erfahrung nach über 100 IDC's konnte ich sehr profitieren. Camille arbeitet mit den Studenten sehr zielorientiert, d.h.: er legt viel Wert auf die richtigen Details! Dies kam mir im Instructor Examen sehr zu Gute. Ich schätzte einerseits das umfassende Fachwissen von Camille, seine praktikablen Hilfestellungen für das Examen, seine strenge und konstruktive Bewertung bei den Skills bzw. Präsentationen und besonders sein Einfühlungsvermögen für Menschen. Gerne empfehle ich Camille als professionellen Course Director!

Tilman Dörrer, OWSI #345128, Zwitserland, Mei 2014, Moalboal, Filipijnen


Getuigschriften PADI IE Gili Air, Indonesia Mei 2014


I did my IDC at Ocean 5 on Gili Air with Camille Lemmens in May 2014. My friends told me to do IDC only with Camille. And so I did. Do I regret? 200% no. In our group, there were 9 candidates (Salome, Emilie, Evan, Jurgen, Oya, Ezra, Mariusz, Martin and me). Level of the group was high but the main thing was – we supported each other as much as possible, helped when some moment everyhing seemed black. And the most important was – we trusted each other and our course director Camille. The dedication and care he have … Now I understand why my friends insisted me to do the course with him. We grew together in these 2 weeks. It means, that it was more than just an IDC . It was very important moment and life event for many of us and without all of these people it wouldn't be the same. Yes, yes, I know, maybe it seems too sweet what I am going to say now, but that is how I feel and how he made me feel : Camille Lemmens is like a `` godfather``. Thank you Camille for being Camille

Mari-Liis Sarapuu, Estonië, Mei 2014, Gili Air, Indonesië

First time I heard about Camille was when I was doing my DM and there was an IDC conducted by him, taking place at the same resort (Oceans 5 - Gili Air). All the soon-to-be instructors were speaking highly about him saying how relaxed, fun and at the same time professional their IDC was. I wasn't even considering doing IDC at that time but I knew if one day I decide to do it I will probably contact Camille. After a few months I felt like I was ready to do it. I was already working as a DM in Thailand so I started asking around where I should go for my IDC. I was surprised when I heard Camille's name a few times. I decided to get in touch with shortlisted Course Directors and Camille was the first one to respond. His emails were not like these forwarded offers sent to all the candidates and I didn't feel like his only objective was to sell me his IDC. That was when I decided I would go back to Gili Air and do it with him. All I can say now is that everything I was told about the way he works was 100% true. We were all astouned by his dive knowledge and real life stories during his presentations. We also had a good time everyday after the whole formal part of the IDC, going out for a dinner or a beer. He was always there, ready to answer all our questions. With every day I was gaining more and more self-confidence as a forthcoming instructor and when finally the IE day came I realized I wasn't even nervous - I knew I was ready for it. Maybe this is how the IDC works everywhere, I didn't have a chance to compare but I know that if I had to do it again I would certainly choose Camille as my Course Director.

Mariusz Paziak, Polen, Mei 2014, Gili Air, Indonesië

He may not be the best-looking dive instructor or IDC course director you've ever seen. Nor is he keen on a BIG night out slamming Vodka Josh and waking up naked next to a mermaid but hey; that’s not what will get you through the IE now is it?

Camille's approach to twelve days hard work and preparation for the IE is exactly that, twelve days of hard work and preparation! The first thing he'll tell you is "it's easy, IE stands for it's easy! Now I know what you're thinking cause I was just like you; this clown obviously doesn't know whom he's dealing with? I haven't had a clue how I even became a dive-master and now this dude is going to prepare me to become an instructor? Help!

But let me enlighten you with some positive feedback. When our group of nine students went into the IE we were more than ready! In fact, I doubt many of us even studied before the exams. Camille understands the art of teaching. He makes time for every individual and focuses on each of their problems until they understand. He's not worried whether you got the answer right, he wants to make sure you know how you got the answer right in the first place!

His professional approach and organized manner is why he has become so popular as an IDC course director. Many of us were referred to Camille and I’m sure all of us will refer him on to others. So if you’re interested in becoming a Padi Dive Instructor, be sure to do your IDC with Mr. Lemmens. He’s actually a funny guy too! And about the mermaids; you’ll never know until you’ve been to Gili Air!

Martin van Doorn, Nederland, Mei 2014, Gili Air, Indonesië

In mei 2014 heb ik de IDC gedaan in Oceans 5. Oceans 5 was voor mij een logische keuze omdat ik er ook mijn divemaster gehaald heb en omdat de faciliteiten er super zijn, maar vooral ook omdat ik het volste vertrouwen heb in hun educatieve filosofie. En bij deze educatieve filosofie hoort Camille Lemmens...
Deze, in Thailand gevestigde, Nederlander is een Padi-duik-course director legende. De IDC, onder het goedkeurde oog van deze legende, was intens, zwaar, bijzonder leerrijk, maar vooral ook grappig en fun. De Belgen-Nederlanders moppen waren nooit veraf. Deze grappen en grollen, meestal op initatief van Camille zelf, waren een welkom evenwicht voor zijn kritische, maar rechtvaardige aanpak. Een ideale combinatie.
Na de 2 weken IDC waren we alle 9 helemaal klaar voor de IE. Enige nerveusiteit was tot het minimum herleid, dankzij de goede voorbereiding die we van Camille gekregen hebben. Tijdens de 2 dagen IE stond hij steeds klaar voor goede raad of een aanmoedigend schouder klopje. Maar wat vooral fijn was, was hoe oprecht fier hij was op ons, zijn studenten, zijn tijdelijke-kinderen. Dit gevoel gaf ons net dat tikkeltje extra zelfvertrouwen om er volledig voor te gaan.
Camille, dank je voor alles!!!!

Oya Uçar, België, Mei 2014, Gili Air, Indonesië

I'm EZRA RATULIU from Indonesia, I'm following IDC class with Camille Lemmens CD#933812, one month ago at Gili Island, thank you very much because he doing a great job, I never could have a better Course Director with the patient, explain everything very clear and know what his doing....
Thanks again Camille you change my life....

Ezra Ratulia, Indonesië, Mei 2014, Gili Air, Indonesië

Begin mei van dit jaar, heb ik mijn IDC gedaan bij Oceans 5 te Indonesië. Mijn course director was Camille. Samen met 8 andere studenten werden wij bijgebracht van alle theorie. Aan het begin maakten wij vele oefentoetsen zodat: wij alvast konden wennen aan de echte toetsen. Zodra er 1 antwoord fout was, werd de vraag rustig uitgelegd en als je het dan nog niet snapte, deed Camille het rustig nog een keer en gaf hij uitleg hoe je bij het antwoord kwam. Het was fijn om een course director zoals Camille te hebben. Tijdens de IDC werd er veel serieus gepraat maar, een geintje moest op zijn tijd ook kunnen. Ondanks alle spanning voor de IE wist hij een geweldige sfeer te creeren. Zowel voor mij als voor de andere studenten.
Naast alle theorie werden de oefeningen in het zwembad ook meerdere malen geoefend. Aangezien ik andere clips heb op mijn trimvest dan de meeste, moest iedereen ook oefenen met mij. Dit zodat niemand onverwachts een ander vest had tijdens de redding.
De presentaties waren heel leuk om te doen. Ik verwachte in het begin dat het saai zou zijn maar, Camille wist er een leuke draai aan te geven waardoor, het uitdagend was en iets vernieuwend. Eigen inbreng mocht ook. Zolang het maar te maken had met het onderwerp.
Interactie met de studenten oefenen. Erg grappig. Wie kent dit woord??? Als niemand het wist, moest je het zelf gaan vertellen, als een ander het wist, kon je de uitleg overlaten aan diegene. Als instructeur moet je natuurlijk wel extra info geven, je bent en blijft op dat moment de instructeur.
Tijdens de IE bleef Camille op de achtergrond. Dit moet natuurlijk want: we gaan er vanuit dat je alles geleerd hebt tijdens de IDC! Maar na elk onderdeel was hij haantje de voorste om te vragen hoe het ging. Je had nog geen stap buiten het lokaal gezet of in de boot of meneer stond ons op te wachten als een trotse/bezorgde vader, die alles wilt weten! Zodra iets niet gelukt was, nam hij je apart en ging rustig doornemen wat er fout was gegaan. Na alle fouten bekeken te hebben, ging hij plots over naar hetgeen wat je juist super goed had gedaan! Zo eindigde een teleurstelling in een mooie ervaring en kon je het herkansen om te eindigen met een hoog cijfer. Ja, taal is af en toe lastig als je moedertaal anders is, dan Engels!
Zodra we te horen hadden gekregen dat we geslaagd waren, Werd dat gevierd met een klap op de schouder een hand en een vrolijk gezicht! Tijdens de IE was er 1 niet geslaagd. Aan Camille was te zien, dat hij erg bezorgd was en hij ging meteen dingen regelen, zodat degene die het niet gehaald had, het zo snel mogelijk over kon doen. Een paar keer oefenen met de gehele groep (we waren inmiddels een familie geworden) en deze persoon had het gehaald! Zo zijn wij als een groep van 9 begonnen en zijn we ook alle 9 geslaagd. Het motto: samen uit samen thuis, geldt voor Camille! Hij heeft degene die het niet de eerste keer gehaald had, gevolgd naar de volgende IE en de meeste van onze groep waren van de partij om ook deze te huldigen!
Mijn dank was erg groot! Ik heb aardig wat uren zitten leren en mezelf verwonderd van wat je allemaal moest leren. In elk geval heb ik er geen spijt van en ben ik blij dat ik Camille had als course director!

Jurgen Pfalz, Nederland, Mei 2014, Gili Air, Indonesië


Getuigschriften, PADI IDC Khao Lak, Thailand, April 2014


Mein Name ist Sebastian Schmidt PADI #339769,
Im April 2014 habe ich in Khao Lak im Divecenter Seadragon meinen IDC gemacht.
Da wir nur zu zweit wahren hatten wir mit unserem Coursedirector Camille Lemmens eine sehr intensive Zeit. Camille hat jeden von uns positiv bestärkt und bei schwächen geholfen. Es hat mir sehr gut gefallen das er jeden individuell gefördert hat! Wir wurden perfeckt auf die IE in Phuket vorbereitet und konnten die Prüfung entspannt und erfolgreich meistern.
Vielen Dank Camille für deine Unterstützung.
Ich kann jedem nur empfehlen den IDC mit Camille Lemmens zu machen, wir hatten 2 wochen sehr viel spass und konnten von seinen Erfahrungen sehr viel lernen.
Also danke nochmal und weiterhin viel Erfolg bei deinen weiteren IDC's.
Alles Gute und Bis Bald

Sebastian Schmidt, OWSI #339769, Duitsland, April 2014, Khao Lak IDC, Thailand


Getuigschriften PADI IDC Phuket, Thailand Maart 2014

I am from Bahamas and I decided to do my IDC in Thailand. Among all the different schools and teaching Directors possibility, I choose to go with Camille. Not only because he was always quick to answer my million questions by email before the program but also because of his flexibility and understand. Since I was very short on time to complete my IDC, Camille manage to condense the course in 9 days. It was very hard and demanding but with the constant help and focus of Camille I made it through and pass the IE with great ease. I also really enjoy myself with the group, great diner gathering and night live exploring Thailand with my teacher. I recommend the experience to everyone that wants to push his diving skills to the next level while having a great time in Thailand.

Yoann P. Burns, Bahamas, OWSI, Maart 2014, Phuket, Thailand



Getuigschriften PADI IDC op Gili Air in Indonesië, Maart 2014


"I completed my Padi IDC at Oceans 5 Dive Center in Gili Air Indonesia and the course director was Camille Lemmens. Really intensive work during the IDC and professional preparation for the IE which I passed easy. I like to enjoy every moment of my life, so if you want to combine professional work with a lot of fun then Camille Lemmens is THE course director you will need. Thank you very much Camille for the great time we had during the IDC. Keep going your great job."

Antonis Vintos, Griekenland, OWSI, PADI 324354, Maart 2014, Gili Air, Indonesië


I recently completed the PADI Instructor Development Course with Camille Lemmens at Oceans 5 at Gili Air in Feb/March 2014

At 53, I admit to having concerns that as a "mature age student" I would not enjoy the course, or worse not succeed. I am pleased to say that my fears were unfounded and it was definitely worth taking the plunge and doing the course!

I would like to commend Camille and his team for delivering a high quality course that I am glad to say I successfully completed. Camille ran an effective and professional IDC that I found both challenging and rewarding.

I was particularly pleased that standards set by Camille were high. The IDC not only prepared me to successfully pass the IE, but also gave me an excellent basis to build a professional instructor career.

Thanks again Camille!

Ian Pittard, Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia, PADI 334413, Maart 2014, Gili Air, Indonesië

In February 2013 I came to Gili Air for the first time in my life with only 6 dives under my belt. Exactly one year later a dream came true: I started my IDC course with Camille Lemmens at Oceans 5. Camille not only prepared me for the instructor exam he also shared his wide spread experience and knowledge. Camille has high standards and knows how to make a course interesting and fun at the same time. Thank you Camille for a amazing time and I hope to see you soon !

Roos Huizenga, Nederland, OWSI, Maart 2014, Gili Air, Indonesië


Getuigschriften PADI IDC op Koh Lanta, Thailand Januari 2014


J'ai effectué mon IDC avec Camille en janvier 2014, a Koh Lanta!
J'etais relativement stressé avant de rencontrer le course directeur: suis-je suffisamment prêt? Vais-je pouvoir comprendre son anglais? (le mien est LOIN d'être parfait!) Et après seulement quelques minutes les premier jour, il a réussi a me mettre a l'aise!
Camille a un anglais vraiment très compréhensif, parle lentement et distinctement!
Il possedé également toutes les slides des ses présentations dans beaucoup de langues, ce qui vous facilite la vie!
Il est d'une très grande patience, et arrive a rendre les 2 semaines de L'IDC très intéressante!
J'ai eu la chance d'être dans une petite classe, 3 personnes, ce qui rend le cours encore plus intéressant!
Je n'ai malheureusement pas eu le temps de faire de cours de spécialités avec lui, mais le jour ou je voudrais les faire c'est sans hésitations que je retournerai le voire!
Merci Camille!

Steve Notari, Zwitserland, OWSI, Januari 2014, Koh Lanta, Thailand